CUI Anyong

About Me

Hi! This is CUI Anyong (a.k.a xiaoyongzi). Hacks/Hackers Beijing co-organizer. The leader of the crowdsourcing Chinese translation of Data Journalism Handbook. Co-founder of (a Chinese data journalism information site). The ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation China. Social scientist in data approach. Data visualization designer/developer. @Beijing-Shanghai-Hangzhou-Hongkong.

Basiclly, I'm a qualified market & communication researcher who has experienced 5-years strict acadamic trainings of qualitative and quantitative method from social science, also 10+ revelant commercial projects. Nevertheless, I'm a creatvie coder and data wrangler. Processing came the first, then R, Python, PHP, MySQL and Javascript etc. Still, I affiliate to Web Mining Lab of City University of Hong Kong, curretly, developing network visaulization apps.

Work for Alibaba China as a data product manager/developer RESUME: EN/CN

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Chinese Edition of Data Journalism Handbook

Research Paper
Aim at SSCI Journal

CUI, A. Y. (Progressing). Cultivation or the Reversed? An Examination of the Causality between Media Use and Science Attitude.

CUI, A. Y. (Progressing). Weibo Use and the Credibility of Party Media under Dual Discourse Universes.

During Undergraduate Years Below

Cui, A. Y., Dong, K. (2011). Exploring the Structure of Knowledge and Abilities of Journalism College Graduations. Paper presented at 2011 Annual Conference of Chinese Communication Society, Tai Wan, China

Dong, K., Cui, A. Y. (2012) The Situation and Relationship: Multiscreen Media Usage among Youth Generation. Won the Excellent Prize in the 10th CMRA(Chinese Marketing Research Association) “P&G Cup” Excellent Thesis Award, Xi'an, China

Cui, A. Y. (2010) The Current Condition and the Developing Tendency of Microblog Marketing for Printed Media. Won 2nd prize in Best Thesis Award, Beijing, China

Cui, A. Y., Chen, H. (2011) Campus Media Developing Strategies: From the Perspective of Omnimedia Integrated Marketing. Ranks 2nd among over 79 papers in the Campus Media Development and Guidance for Youth under the Age of Omnimedia Forum, Peking University, Beijing, China.

Cui, A. Y., Dong, K., Tu, S. B. (2010) The Survey on Community Medical Care in Beijing: Desheng Community As an Example. Awarded 2nd prize in The Cup of "Ziniu" Social Investigation Award, Communication University of China, Beijing, China.

Cui, A. Y., Dong, K., Tu, S. B. (2011) The Link: the Urbanization of Suburban Peasants and Collective Economy, Taking Three Villages in Fengtai Beijing as a Sample. Won the Excellent prize in “The Cup of Challenge” the Primary Competition in CUC of the National College Students’ Academic Competition.


Current Planning

Preparing a series of events for Hacks/Hackers Beijing&Shanghai beginning from Sep.2013


Data & Visual Storytelling Tutorials at Eldelman SH


Dataviz Tutorials with Processing at 车库咖啡


Attending Hacks/Hackers Berlin


Initial edition of Chinese Data Journalism Handbook launched online


Attending Open Data HK Make.1 in HK


Gave a speaking about data visualization and data journalism at communication university of China in Beijing